Researchers have observed

Have a love is an addiction ?

So far, several studies have shown that when the grip feel a love clearly activated parts of the brain and other parts lower. Samir Zeki of University College London and Andrew Bartlz two of the first researchers who were able to detect these segments .

They are volunteers who love photographs of participants in this study were shown at the same time their brains were scanned with MRI machines . In this study, we found that more than four points in the limbic system ( the emotional nervous system ) were active .

Researchers have observed that this reaction is very similar to the reaction that occurs in the brain when cocaine . Bartlz doctor wrote: " There is overlap between love and addiction . It seems that parts of Mvdvlhay drug abuse in the brain is associated with love . "love-you-for-ever

Scientific findings indicate that dopamine in the love of neurotransmitters , the brain activates the pleasure center . It's just a process that is similar to addictive drugs like cocaine , heroin , nicotine , amphetamines and other addictive drugs are created.

The researchers also found a surprise when the mothers of the children's photographs show exactly which parts of the brain scans of people in love had been bright in the maternal brain is switched on.

The result of this " love test " was not a hundred percent , because the person who is in love with someone else and that someone else thinks when they see pictures of your beloved , just as parts of the brain becomes bright .

Thus one can not definitively conclude that MRI brain insane person can love lover estimated. The doctor Bartlz though there is a sense in physiological processes , but these processes are not fully determined love .

Hormones , Engine Love

Hormones may be properly regarded as the driving force of love , yet not alone , although one or two certain hormonal changes they spoke . Hormonal control system in the human organism are interconnected so that each change affects the entire system .

Christopher Coke , a German scholar , a lover feel " positive stress " to describe the over-all thyroid and sex hormones and stress are involved.

Scientists have concluded that crazy feeling of love lasts on average only 7 months

Erotic situations in which the pituitary gland located in the brain , which secretes a hormone called oxytocin , including the establishment of uterine contractions , facilitating the entry of sperm into the uterus and also plays an important role in stimulating the sexual organs . Oxytocin during orgasm and childbirth can cause muscle contraction .love12

So far, many studies on the properties of this hormone, it was " love hormone " , " orgasm hormone " or " FSH loyalty" is also called , is done. This research has shown that oxytocin induces dependence and create a feeling of love and trust between two people , and they shared a long lasting relationship and have children, encourage .

Another expressed the love hormone , vasopressin is. Blood flow to the sexual organs resulting in severe growth hormone and helps to sink into a deep sleep after an orgasm .

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