Two parallel lines

Two parallel lines
The two lines are parallel. Psarki paper on them in the classroom.

It fell to two parallel lines chshamshan.
And at the same qlbshan a glance tpid.
Chest pocket and stamped each other in.

Aly line said:
We can have a good life.
And the second line of the larzid emotion.
In the House, said aly line and we have a cozy page paper.
I go do my days working alongside a road line. remote and desolate, or next to a line of nardbam.

Second line said I also do a side line Quad vase of roses, next to a line or nimakt is a small park in an empty and solitude.

Aly said the line what a poetic job and life we khushi.
At this point the teacher ran into: two parallel lines do not reach any time together.
And the kids were repeated: two جملات عاشقانه lines are not parallel any time together.

Two parallel larzidnd line. The other looked at together. The following second line and ran crying pqi. This is not possible, said aly line would not find a way. What the second line they said shendi. There is no way we have no time to cry and ran again under does not.
Aly said the line was not in advance. We use the world's focus off screen and we put under foot. Finally, there is one problem we have to solve.
The second line was quiet and was remorseful of the paper outside of the classroom جملات زیبا have crossed khazidnd and enters the courtyard, and from that moment onwards safrhai two parallel lines.

They crossed the dashtha ...
The burning of the sahrahai ...
Of long kwai ...
From the deepest of valleys ...
From the sea ...
From the crowded cities.
Several years passed wana meet scientists.

Mathematics Don told them: there is no mathematical formula for this is impossible. "you have to be together. You ruin everything you see.

Faizekdan said: Let me now from the same naamidtan. if ignored the laws of nature were, there was no name of physics knowledge.

The doctor said my work is made of, and useful.

Chemistry Don said you two are non-notable element of the composition. If you, with each combination of all the materials they will lose their properties.

Astronomer said Earth creatures you are reaching the most selfish you mosavist together with the destruction of the world. The world now will be out of their orbit fikon are frequently used together are together the world system the collision may. Because you have a great violation of the law.

Filsof said: I'm sorry ... It is impossible to collect naqizin.
And, finally, were among only three children to kodi said:

You are together.
Not in the face of the world.
Search it in another world.

Two parallel line left him time and again to sfarhaishan.
But now one thing in their shape.
"They will reach little by little to the lost."
Aly said this line, mont.
Second line of mont said: what happened?
Aly said the line to berseem.
The second line, I think, as I said, and they continued to work.

One day in a plain. A painter stands between grass and bomash painting.
Aly said the line then we sign the painting canvas and avargi find rescue.
Our second line should probably never said it came out of the paper plate.
Aly said the line where we will be painting the canvas of relaxation.
And those two were into the Plains and went on his hand, and then on the painter.

Painter and his third move.
And they were two of the rail train: Red Sun over calm and quiet as they went down two parallel lines head to romance.
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